Our expert IT consultants and trainers use proven methodologies to help you optimize costs, reduce risk, and see a faster return on your IT investments and transformation a success. Our consultants are extraordinarily skillful at bringing together technical innovation, deep know how a real working knowledge of how businesses need to operate. We always start with what your organization needs, from there we work out the business processes and technical solutions that must come together to deliver the greatest value and help the organization operate more effectively. Our team works in collaboration with you – listening, learning and leading - always flexible in approach because we know things change and goal posts move.

Enterprise Architecture

With the technology landscape changing at unprecedented levels the need for agile enterprise architecture is key to future proofing the business. The growth in mobility, cloud technology and big data has driven a fundamental change in the way businesses connect with customers, employees and partners placing a new level of demand at the door of IT directors. The present and the future direction of the platforms. Our insight allows us to work with clients to create technology infrastructure solutions that leverage existing investments alongside new innovations to create modern, less complicated solutions. Our team are highly trained and deeply experienced in creating agile infrastructure that allow a company’s’ technology to keep pace with the rapid changing demands customer, employees and partners place on it.

Our Strategic Approach

Our well-earned reputation for creating technology solutions that work well in our clients’ business environments is a result of the way we approach the work we do – we are problem solvers first and foremost, optimize costs, reduce risk, and see a faster return on your IT investments. We start with a understanding the vision of where your organization needs to be, coupled with an in-depth review of where you are. From there we harness our insight into future innovations and trends to design and implement an agile infrastructure that leverages your existing investment while delivering future-proofed systems that increase efficiency, reliability and robustness. In these offerings, you’ll work with our IT operations experts to configure an implementation of any of our performance, capacity, and availability solutions to meet your company’s specific needs

Engage With GuardianTech®

When you engage with us you will be working with some of the very best in the business – information strategists, governance experts. What you will get is an end-to-end reliable service – from information architecture design with powerful taxonomy and tagging methodologies. We are one of the most respected business technology consultancies, I.T solutions providers and manage I.T service partners in Ghana. We specialize in all things to do with building world-class business solutions and for being at the forefront of technology advancement. We are passionate about the needs of our clients and their satisfaction is at the heart of our business. We are steadfast in our commitment to help grow our clients and get real exposure to emerging technologies by a real depth of understanding and expertise in user experience design.

Overall client rating is 4.6 out of 5.0 for Sparx IT Solutions by 10452 clients on over 17700+ projects.